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HR Manager

Karimnagar, Telangana, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. Enhance the organisation's HR by planning, implementing and evaluating human resource programs and policies
2. Bridge employee relation and management gap by addressing grievances and demands
3. Manage the recruitment and selection process
4. Create and manage training programs for new and existing employees
5. Collaborate with other departments to understand the labour needs and develop a job advertisement to find suitable candidates
6. Provide support to organisational leaders in creating and managing compensation packages that are as per market standards and fair
7. Implement employee benefit programs and inform employees of the benefits and how to redeem them
8. Ensure that an organisation complies with all labour laws and standards, including occupational health and safety
9. Foster a positive and open work environment
10. Handle workplace investigation, disciplinary and termination procedure
11. Lead and train a team of junior HR professionals
12. Management of recruitment and selection process.
13. Bridging the gap between employers and employees by addressing various demands and grievances.
14. Fostering an open and positive work ambiance.
15. Leading and training a team of junior HR professionals in the department.
16. Collaborating with other departments to understand job profile needs, developing job advertisements, and finding the right candidate for the designation.
17. Creating, implementing, and managing training and development programs for new and existing employees.
18. Implementing various employee benefit programs and informing the employees about them. Guiding employees to redeem the benefits.
19. Providing complete support to organisational leaders for creating and managing compensation packages that are fair and at par with market standards.
20. Efficiently handling workplace investigation of any case along with disciplinary and termination procedures.
21. Ensuring complete compliance with all labour standards and laws, including occupational health and safety.


  • HR managers must have a Master’s degree in human resources, business administration, or labour laws.

  • 3+ yrs of experience in relevent field.

About the Company

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